Gregory Giting aka DJ Greg

“Kupikupifm is lain dari yang lain bah!” singer-songwriter-dj Greg exclaimed. Born in Kampung Kebu Baru, Ranau, this 29-year-old Dusun is determined to bring laughter to the lives of Sabahans everywhere.

“My favourite thing about Sabah are the tunes and melodies. Whenever I had to go to KL for long periods of time, I would bring the music with me.”

His jokes and infectious laughter aside, Greg has the burning desire of an activist within him to improve the lives of the many communities in Sabah.

“Sabahans have been living and farming on these lands for many decades. Our culture and heritage is in the very earth we plant our produce upon. We need to know how to preserve it.”

Greg will be part of the unstoppable duo, Greg and Niz, in the morning show Bangun Bogia Kinabalu. He wants listeners of Kupikupifm to walk away with greater awareness of their surroundings and new skills they need to meet the challenges before them.

“I come from a large family of teachers so it might seem a bit strange at first that I’m here as a radio announcer but the purpose is still the same — I want to teach my community. I want to help them enhance their talents and abilities and sharpen their knowledge so that the heritage and culture of Sabah’s communities will live forever.”