Nizhamul Hayat aka DJ Niz

This cheeky fellow will be waking you up every morning with the Kupikupi Morning show from 6am-10am, Bangun Bogia Kinabalu. Humble and hilarious, Nizhamul Hayat found exactly what he’d been looking for when he first stumbled upon Kupikupifm.

“I fell in love with kupikupifm. Everything fell into place and I just knew I had to be part of this adventure.”

Of Suluk and Bruneian descent, Niz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology Counselling from University Malaya Sabah and speaks a whopping four languages! Be sure to call in to the station to test out his multi-lingual skills.

Niz finds his true calling in being a friendly ear to those in need to be heard. He’s eager to put his counseling skills to use in kupikupifm – hoping that he will be approached by listeners as someone they can talk to and trust.

“It’s truly a privilege to be able to listen to stories from individuals in our communities. I am being given a chance to understand their thoughts, aspirations and needs. Such a priceless opportunity!”

“I hope Kupikupifm will win the hearts and minds of those who care to listen and pave the way to a happier and more confident generation of Sabahans.”