Velvet Aduk aka DJ Velvet

This songstress needs no introduction. The one and only Velvet Aduk will be keeping the late crowd company from 4pm-8pm every evening on their drive home from work with Steady Ko Geng. Velvet has plenty of achievements under her belt namely being a finalist on season 4 of Akademi Fantasia.

Born and raised in Penampang, this Dusun sweetheart has been singing since she was 8 years old. Her very first vocal win was when she sang the classic Dipersimpangan Dilemma at a school competition. Her happy place is Christmas time in Sabah. “It brings everyone I love together in one place!”

When Velvet isn’t making you laugh your entire way home, she’s busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen. If she’s not doing that, she’s rushing the kids to school or singing at the numerous events she gets invited to.

Velvet hopes that Kupikupifm will be a platform where inspiration is born and spread throughout the many communities of Sabah. “I don’t want the culture of our local communities to become extinct in the next 50 years. This means finding ways to save and share our precious stories, to remind the young of our proud customs and traditions, to connect and inspire listeners so that Kupikupifm can become the force behind a thriving and peaceful community that doesn’t leave anyone behind.”