The eldest child in a family of 6, Dudu is a popular local figure in Sabah with a huge following of fans. Do not let his small and slim built fool you… Dudu is a ‘firehouse’ when it comes to music. Winning the second place in Akademi Fantasia Season 4 (2006) was the highlight of his achievement and is testament to his singing and vocal talent. Not only that, he is also a seasoned song-writer/composer, plays the guitar & drums and an actor! His favourite music genres are alternative rock and world music. No wonder all his siblings are following his footsteps into the music scene.

When asked where he gets his music inspiration from and his views of the local Sabah music scene, he responded, “I get my inspiration from listening, seeing and experiencing the changing times…. I know that’s hard to understand, but that’s me la. I feel that the local music scene has potential to go far in the world if given the opportunity to travel. Besides that, I also think that the local artistes should also embrace the external music elements as part of learning and improving the quality of the local music from the point of composition, direction and production including video clips, etc.”

Dudu hopes that as an announcer in Kupikupifm, he is able to help raise the standards in the Sabah music scene and enable many hidden talents to be uncovered and will one day glorify Sabah. He also hopes to share latest news & knowledge that will benefit not just the new generation, but also the older ones too so that Sabahans are equally up to-date with the rest of the world.

“All Night Long” is designed to discuss matters and issues facing the community. Apart from that, listeners are encouraged to share in greater detail about how the relevant topics affect or impact them or their families.