11 January 2016

SABAH’S NEWEST AIRWAVE: Kupikupifm 96.3Mhz

KOTA KINABALU: There’s a new frequency in town! Kupikupifm 96.3MHz, the state’s newest radio station is set to go on air on 19 January, 2016. This community-focused radio station is meant to serve as a catalyst and vehicle for positive and uplifting change, especially for those deep in the interiors of Sabah.

Kupikupifm hopes to reflect the needs and desires of the community in order to amplify and strengthen their voices. Through this, Kupikupifm envisions a self-reliant, socially and economically sustainable future for all communities of Sabah.

Set up by Sabahans for Sabahans, Kupikupifm’s tagline is Kita-kita juga baini!, “This is ours!”

“It will be a station that listens and interacts with its audience,” says Mr. Lester Calvin Miol, programme manager of Kupikupifm. “We are hoping that the radio station will provide people with information and ideas that will help transform their lives for the better.”

Kupikupifm will be led by a team of spirited and talented young people. The five announcers and their respective segments are:

• Greg & Niz, the dynamic duo, from 6am to 10am with Bangun Bogia Kinabalu;
• Nera, who lends a graceful touch, from 10am to 1pm with Ki Ki Bah;
• Janrywine, famous for his hit song Macam di KK from 1pm to 4pm with Macam Di KK; and
• Velvet Aduk, a powerful songstress, in the evening till 8pm with Steady Ko Geng.

For now, MCMC/Telekom Malaysia has allocated Bukit Kratong as the transmission site. This allows for coverage of Kuala Penyu to Kota Belud – west coast of Sabah.

Kupikupifm listeners can look forward to topics ranging from customs and traditions to social-economic development, global and social trends, health and nutrition as well as agriculture. Attention will be given to skills and talent development as well as job opportunities in the state and the rest of the country.

The station will also give voice to local entertainers, providing them the platform to showcase their talents. Lastly, Kupikupifm will be playing 80% of local Sabahan songs.

“Kupikupifm hopes to be a sanctuary for the songs of Sabah,” says Mr. Miol.