19 January 2016

Technical Issues with Transmission Site

Kupikupifm has been informed by Telekom Malaysia that there has been technical difficulties in transmission of our radio broadcast. Unfortunately, this means that Kupikupifm is unable to begin their live broadcasting on the 19th of January as initially scheduled.

All our announcers and management team are equally disappointed that this issue cannot be rectified in time. However, we are working closely with Telekom Malaysia to solve this problem.

“We are devastated that this has happened. We would like to apologize to our listeners and assure everyone that we are doing everything we can to smooth out all technical difficulties,” says Lester Miol, Programme Manager.

“We have been informed by Telekom Malaysia that these issues will be resolved within 24 hours. We will be able to begin broadcasting live on 20th January at 6am with Greg and Niz’s Bangun Bogia Kinabalu.”

Contact: Mr. Lester Calvin Miol
Programme Manager Kupikupifm
Phone|Email: +6 012 822 1919 | lester@kupikupifm.my